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Jean Sánchez

Jean is the Iron Man of Trading, Expert in technology and avant-garde in technical analysis tools. This man won't take a wrong step.

His early interest in technology led him to obtain a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Automotive Technology, Harvard has also recognized him for his collaboration in Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning and the Harvard Manager Mentor - Emerging Leader Program.

His emotional control, his technology and his understanding of the market make him an expert in trading. No bot compares to the cunning of this man.

Hugo Sánchez

Prestigious strategist and technical analyst of markets of the New York CMT Association. Generating millionaire profits for 15 years, Hugo does not go around the bush. His effectiveness with numbers has led to financial freedom.

Effective publicist in Venezuela and a leader since birth, his dreams took him to New York, where he majored in Leadership and Organizational Development at the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Tony Robbins University has awarded him recognition in the areas of business and personal improvement.

With several lines of business in his portfolio, Hugo is a shark when it comes to millions of dollars earnings.

What other members say


At Prosperity Trend I can count on reliable and trained mentors in the international foreign exchange market, which is ideal for me when doing my operations, since with the analysis of this team of operators I always win, I feel confident and calm operating under its orientation.

Ruth Cubillan

EXCELLENT! Hugo and Jean are very good traders. They have helped me gain a deeper understanding of the markets and I have adjusted bad habits that I learned years ago from trading. Now I understand that patience and discipline are key. Thank you Prosperity Trend for helping me control risk and be profitable in my trading.

Pedro Campos

Top notch service and true family! I have been with Prosperity Trend for 6 months now and have learned a lot. Without a doubt it is an excellent team that I experienced excellent service. Their dedication to me is first class, they answer my messages almost immediately at any time of the day or night to clarify my doubts. I like being in a community of traders where we are all learning, and in which our mentors show that they like to share their knowledge and encourage me to maintain the correct attitude in my trading. Very thankful.

Raul Marquez

This is a great website and a very good service for both beginner traders and more experienced traders. The owners provide effective analysis for various financial instruments, as well as a private group where ideas are shared, as well as numerous of very clear and easy to understand tutorials. It is a very friendly community for everyone. I have been a member for several months and am impressed with the effectiveness of your analysis (I have been trading for more than 5 years) and find your service invaluable, highly recommended!

Angel Alvarado

I have been with Prosperity Trend since the beginning and have been learning with Jean and Hugo (owners) even before that. They shared their vision of the markets with me and when I started trading them, they helped me hone my skills and become a better and more successful trader. They help me relate technical analysis to high-impact economic news and are always on the lookout for the market. Furthermore, they are very professional and strive to guide me so that I understand well the why of traders. If you are thinking of starting FOREX trading, this is the company / community to join and get their analysis.

Graciela Vera

Impressive results When I started at Prosperity Trend, I didn't know anything about trading, I just did everything exactly as the Prosperity plan and strategy indicated. In just 5 months I have increased my account by more than 100%. It is impressive to see these results in such a short time. I have learned a lot and followed his advice to the letter. I always wanted to learn how to operate the financial markets, but I was scared and I thought I needed a very large capital. Now I know that is not so. I am very happy to be part of this successful community, very happy with my results, and with the personalized and professional service. The monthly payment is paid by itself!

Nilda Palou

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